“THE Movie about Crystals and Gemstones”


A Story about the Oldest Entities on our Planet: Crystals and Gemstones.

We all have been fascinated by their beauty, magic and properties. A close relationship between man and gemstones can be traced back to primitive cultures as well as ancient civilizations like the times of Atlantis. Why do they play such a significant role?

We took on this journey to find answers to those questions. We visited various sites and interviewed 6 experts, all with first-hand experiences of over 25 years of research and engagement. Amongst them are geologists, energy healers and a quantum physicist. Their approaches are different and their knowledge comprehensive, providing us scientific and spiritual understanding.

It is shown how crystal technology has revolutionized and changed our civilization. In that context the special significance of quartz crystals is being discussed as a carrier and transmitter of information.

We continued by exploring the different kinds of crystals and if they really have healing effects on humans. In a scientific experiment we were able to film how a physicist objectively proved the effects of crystal grids.

“Crystal Healing combines different fields of knowledge, not just examining scientifically OR spiritually, but in a holistic way.”
– Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger

To fully understand how crystals work energetically and affect living organisms, we need to expand our paradigm and include the whole world of subtle energies. Interacting with them have the possibility to trigger and enhance human potentials.

Last but not at least we went to the stone circle of giant Earth Keeper Crystals. They function as conduits for the energy body of Earth itself.

For beginners and experts alike, this documentary will take you onto this intriguing journey into the world of gems and crystals.

Documentary • Germany 2013 • 90 min • German/English • 16:9 HD • Stereo

Wolfgang Hahl

“Crystals are the oldest entities of Earth, still in their original bodies.”
– Wolfgang Hahl


We documented how the effects of crystals and grids were measured using devices like the Teslameter or the Biofeedback device.


Our experts explain how crystals can help us tune in to our intuition and develop more awareness for subtle energies.


The crystals teach us that it is not only about what benefits we humans can get, but also to see them as companions and co-creations.

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