The Experts for crystals and gemstones

Michael Gienger – Author and Expert for Crystal Healing

Michael Gienger

was born in 1964, began to systematically collect minerals as a child. A personal experience with the healing power of stones woke early interest in crystal healing, to whose development he made a significant contribution in 1988. Together with friends, he founded the first research group for crystal healing in Stuttgart, Crystal Healing Teachings (1995), the Cairn Elen Life Schools (1997), the Cairn Elen Crystal Healing Network (1998) and finally the Edition Cairn Elen at New Earth (2000).
Awareness and responsibility were the motives that led Michael Gienger 2005 to his commitment to fair trade in minerals and gem trading and in 2009 to the establishment of the Fair Trade Gems & Minerals Association.

In Memory

On Sunday, November 16, 2014 Michael Gienger passed away.
We did not only met him as a great, dedicated teacher and knowledgeable healing stone researcher, but also as a lovable, warm-hearted friend. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

Wolfgang Hahl – Founder of the Center for Earth Keeper Crystals

Wolfgang Hahl

created the center for Earth Keeper crystals in the Swabian mountains as a place of power, healing and education.
After serious personal crisis, after years of service, of learning and of teaching and after a long stay in South America, he has dedicated himself since the last ten years to the task of building an international network of Earth Keeper crystals and to introduce people into the energetic work with crystals.
The legend of the return of eons-old light beings on Earth has given Wolfgang Hahl the strength and motivation for all of his projects. The subjects of his seminars, the techniques of energy healing work, have the goal of giving healing impulses and to serve the development of the spiritual potential of humanity.
Whether as a writer, as a teacher or servant Wolfgang Hahl follows his inner calling: To give space and form to the light essence of humanity and Earth.

Donald Freeman Jaskolla – International trainer for Vogel-Cut Crystals

Donald Jaskolla

was born in 1960 and has been a meditation teacher, spiritual healer and international trainer for the work with Vogel-cut crystals for over 20 years. He holds seminars on the subjects of angels, crystals, spiritual healing and meditation, and is the organizer of the earth healing projects and directs the school for heart mysticism.
Dr. Marcel Vogel transferred the training work and distribution of Vogel-cut crystals to his student Ron Carson (USA). Donald Freeman Jaskolla was intensively trained by him and by Gudrun Laves (Germany) and certified as the official trainer for the crystal work in Europe.The focus of his work is to initiate an opening of the hearts in people, which is seen as the key for any technology and any spiritual path.
Donald Freeman Jaskolla sees himself as a spiritual companion for people and tries to give his knowledge and assistance to help form the spiritual potential in humans.

Herbert Lukas Kohlweg – Crystal and Energy Devices

Lukas Kohlweg

was born in 1960, lives and works as a craftsman, builder and “Energethiker” in Klagenfurt. “Energethiker”, a conjunction of energy and ethics refers to the state-approved job description of energy worker in Austria.
After training as a metal worker, in goldsmithing and a study of design, he undertook extensive study trips through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to explore the use of energy in the healing and sacred arts in different cultures.
In addition to its own long-term studies on Sacred Geometry, the energetics of temples and the human energy system, it was above all the ten years of training with Frank Alper, a master of Atlantean crystal healing, which led him to become a specialist for both the development and the construction of modern energy crystal healing devices themselves, for planning and designing sacred spaces according to the principles of sacred geometry, and for the practical work on the energy body of humans.

Mag. Dr. rer.nat Walter Medinger – Scientist for Biophysics and Quantumphysics

Walter Medinger

was born in 1959, after studying chemistry at the University of Vienna and scientifically active at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. His dissertation was about the interaction of biomolecules with circularly polarized waves. Dr. Medinger is a member of the Austrian Environment Council, in different professional bodies and in an international working group on Biophysics, and also scientific director of the International Institute for EMC Research IIREC, lecturer and seminar leader, and court-certified expert with a focus on biophysical effects of electromagnetic fields.
During his studies, he realized that scientific teaching has a blind spot regarding life and health issues.  He always sought out scientific answers and found them in the insights of leading international scientists, to which Western Scientific culture is opening up gradually. His work conveys these findings and uses them in measuring technology and biophysical applications.

Dipl. Geologist Michael Vogt – Field Researcher and Biofeedback advisor

Michael Vogt

more skeptical-reserved as a naturalist and mineral dealer, Michael Vogt was increasingly led to deal with the subject of crystal healing during his more than 30 years working with minerals and gems.
“In recent years I got amazing feedback from my customers, who were doing much better after the application of appropriate crystals. Therefore I wanted to try prove the effect of crystals on the human body scientifically. I have finally found a way with a diagnostic device using the latest computer technology, based on the energy teachings of TCM, to demonstrate the effect of stones on humans.”
In the trade in minerals Michael Vogt pays particular attention to perfect quality and is actively involved in projects for the Fair Trading. His international trade contacts allow him to continuously offer beautiful, special jewels, rare minerals and fossils.