The Filmteam

Silvia Dantchev Minghao Xu

Silvia Dantchev
script, directing, production management, voiceover

studied cultural managment. Training in business and study of art and cultural activities (at the Culture Academy Halle, Germany). Has since worked in various areas of artists training, event organization and conception, coordination and production in theater performances and festivals. Now for the first time she produced this film project under her own authorship and directing.

Silvia Dantchev Minghao Xu

Minghao Xu
camera, sound, editing, animation, post production

Born in Beijing, grew up in Germany. Artist, media designer and filmmaker (Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, Netherlands – Study of Visual Communication). Published his first film documentary about harmonics “Space Sound Voice” in 2009. Various film projects as well as international recognition for Fractal Art and related techniques of animation and visualisations.

Kevin Bertrand

Audio Mixing & Mastering

Channing Jones

Translation and English Voice Over

Ute Kaiser

English Voice Over

Dorothea Krause

3D Models

Musical translation of the Element "Silicon"

by Akasha Project

Akasha Project

Barnim Schultze

Crystal Liquid Sound

Angela and Oliver Hake




Crystal Singing Bowls