The 10 best Healing Stones and their properties

Nowadays the healing arts with gemstones count nearly five hundred stones, which are researched and described in their characteristics and applications. When choosing the ‘right stone’ the current life issues of the user should always be taken into account. The following selection is therefore a highlighting of 10 stones that deserve special attention because of their general popularity and uses.

The selection is based on the idea of introducing stones with the widest range of applications and which can therefore represent certain properties and modes of action or harmonize with each other in such a good way that it is possible to combine them- ie. as gemstone water or energy.

Another selection criterion was the question of their availability and thus the price: it’s better to buy a stone with good availability, good quality and known origin – this also means gemmologically checked and possibly derived from fair trade- instead of a rare and therefore more expensive stone with a possible dubious origin.

So here are the “Top Ten” best healing stones:

Rock Crystal

1. Rock crystal

Clear, colorless crystal quartz. Stone of the crown chakra.

Clarity, awareness, attention, memory, understanding.

Physically harmonizing (brain, nerves, hormones and water), analgesic, energizing. Enhances the effect of other stones.

Ideal as a crystal tip for creating informed water.

Programmable: carries and transmits information.

Good water stone, great in combination with amethysts and rose quartz

2. Amethyst

Violet crystal quartz. Stone of the brow chakra (Third Eye)

Opening, perception, cognition, transformation, solution, inner peace.

Physically: Good for brain and nerves, lungs, intestines and skin, lowers blood pressure.

Good, gently acting water stone, combinable with rose quartz and rock crystal

3. Aquamarine

Light blue, iron-rich beryl. Stone of the throat chakra

Self-determination, inspiration, communication, vision, concentration, perseverance, discipline

Good for allergies, autoimmune diseases, sore throat, thyroid problems.

Good water stone, strong gemstone water

4. Emerald

Green, chromium-containing beryl stone of the heart chakra

Harmony, beauty, quest for meaning, unity, compassion, growth, orientation

Physical properties: cardiac and immune strengthening, detoxification (liver, gall bladder), strengthens eyes and respiratory system

Good water stone, intense acting gemstone water

5. Yellow Calcite

Honey yellow to light orange calcium carbonate. Stone of the solar plexus chakra

Confidence, perseverance, strenghtens personality , overcoming, stability, strengthening

Physical properties: metabolic regulation, good for bones, teeth, connective tissue, skin.

Very good, gently-acting water stone, good as a mixture with other colored calcites.

6. Jasper

Dark orange to bright red, hematite-like quartz. Stone of the Sacral Chakra

Strength, fortitude , courage, honesty, perseverance, brings energy and joy.

Physical properties: Heat regulating, stimulates circulation, circulatory invigorating, revitalizing.

Good, strong acting water stone, good in conjunction with rock crystals.

7. Garnet

Deep red, aluminum-containing silicate. Stone of the root chakra

Courage, confidence, energy, willpower, resilience, vitality, sexuality

Physical features: strengthens metabolism and circulation, immune system, muscles and blood circulation.

Creates an intensely acting gemstone water, especially in conjunction with rock crystals. Rose quartz completes the mixture in what regards warmth and renders the effect a little milder.

8. Rose quartz

Rose quartz, soft-rounder. Connects heart and abdomen.

Strengthens empathy, warmth, directness, trust, openness, sensuality, love.

Physical features: heart and circulatory tonic, improves circulation.

Very good as water stone, promotes the balance of all body functions especially when combined with amethyst and rock crystal.

9. Black Tourmaline

Schorl. Strong protection stone.

Radiates calmness, brings neutrality and serenity, relieves stress, neutralized disorders and helps to ward off foreign influences.

Improves sleep, relieves tension, abdominal and back pain.

Good water stone, the elixir is also very good as room spray or Aura spray, particularly when combined with amethyst and rock crystal.

10. Labradorite

Colored iridescent feldspar with blue as a main color, tectosilicate.

Often referred to as one of the “stones of the New Age”.

Strengthens intuition and media offerings. Stands for creativity, imagination, enthusiasm, depth of feeling, sincerity and authenticity.

Relieves perception of cold .

Good, strong acting water stone but even better as pocket or worry stone: its beautiful light and color reflections of almost holographic depth invite people to continuously hold it and look into it.

Bonus for a full dozen:

Halit and amber. Even though they are are not gems, these multi-talents are indispensable in crystal healing.

are cubic halite crystals of strong balancing power. They take where there is too much and give where there is too little.

They are neutralizing, purifying and regulating, prevent some subtle energetic effects, solve unconscious thought- and behavior patterns and provide balance.

On a physical level: detoxifying, purifying, regulate water balance and metabolism. Strong in conjunction with Black Tourmaline and rock crystal.

Please note that when used as an elixir, halit can’t be inserted in water as a water-soluble mineral, but can be introduced through a rock crystal tip only.

is fossil, petrified resin.

The “Gold of the North” varies in its color from delicate light yellow to bright honey yellow or deep dark orange. The color says it all: amber ensures vitality, sunshine and happiness, self awareness, carelessness and happiness.

It feels warm and soft and has a detoxifying effect on a physical level (good for liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestine, skin and mucous membranes), it boosts your metabolism and helps with joint problems, rheumatisms and gout.

Relieves the growth of teeth in babies. Good waterstone, has an encouraging and revitalizing effect when combined with Jasper and yellow calcite